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CWBS Membership

Becoming a member of the Canadian Warbow Society gives you an open invitation to all our shoots and events, and more importantly, gives you access to our Forum.

Along with your membership, you are invited to post items you may want to buy, sell or trade to other members or the general public through our CWBS Shoppe. It's a great way to buy or sell equipment that is made especially for the art of shooting the English Warbow. Membership fees go towards cost of events and maintaining our website.


The English Warbow was the bow used in battle by the Plantagenet and Tudor armies of the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries. The EWBS & CWBS defines a warbow to be a bow that follows the pattern, profile and tiller of the bows found on the Mary Rose.

The minimum draw weight for adult men between the ages of 15-60 is 80lbs. Although there is no minimum draw weight for women, juniors or veterans (men over 60), all bows must be of English Warbow design, as stated above.

The CWBS does however grant a preliminary membership where a new member can join but must own and be able to shoot a bow that meets CWBS standards within one year.

For more information check our Membership Application Form.

During official record shoots the Livery Arrow, Standard Arrow, Quarter Pounder Arrow, Welsh Class, and flight arrow will be shot, the archers bow and arrows MUST meet society standards.

The CWBS shooting equipment standards follows the same as her mother society - the EWBS:


Shooting Equipment:

The Bow

Mary Rose Class Self yew bows in the “spirit of the original” MR bows:

  • No shorter than the shortest MR bow (74” – to be confirmed);
  • May be to any MR bow profile;
  • Heat treatment may be used to straighten a stave but not to induce unnatural reflex (an unbraced bow shall not show any artificially induced reflex);
  • Be full compass in tiller;
  • Within the 5/8th, Width/Depth rule along the length of the bow;
  • Has some profile to the belly of the bow (ie not flat bellied); and has no handle grip/covering.

Meane Wood

Self bows made of other woods available to the medieval bowyer, such as Ash or Elm. In the absence of reliable historical evidence of the dimensions of meane wood warbows, the MR dimensions above are to be used for this class, except:

  • Not less than 72” in length; and
  • Heat treatment may be used to straighten a stave or stiffen the belly but not to induce unnatural reflex (the bow must not be reflexed when unbraced).

This specification will be revised if period bows of this type are found.


Non Historical Bows made from laminations of wood. Any laminated bow would be in this class, exotic or otherwise, as would backed bows, any join in the handle bows and self bows of wood not used in the above period by Anglo-Welsh armies (e.g. osage). The following shall also apply:

  • A maximum of four wood laminations;
  • No less than 72” in length;
  • No synthetic or horn laminations;
  • Bows may have a handle grip or covering;
  • No bamboo may be used except for bows used to shoot the Flight Arrow


The following specifications are also introduced to clarify the Society’s stance on repairs/production.

  • Binding – binding of cracks is allowed as long as each binding is no more than 0.5” long and if multiple bindings are used a 0.25” gap is left between bindings. A maximum length of 6” may be bound to repair a bow.
  • Blooms – a bloom of the same wood may be let into the belly of a bow to repair crysals etc.
  • Dutchmen – Plugs of the same wood as the bow may be used to stabilise knots in a stave.
  • Malming – On current understanding of this principle, malming using natural products may be performed on a bow.

Requirements for Youth

Bows may be shorter than specified but be of an appropriate length.


Arrows must be generally representative of medieval arrows in size, weight and proportion. Arrows must be of wood and fletched with feathers. Only Self-nocked arrows are permitted for the adult categories; with the exception of flight arrows where plastic nocks may be used. Heads must be appropriate for the arrow’s role.


To become a member, fill out the Membership Application Form
and send along with your payment of $12 to:

The Canadian Warbow Society
Gerry Lee, Secretary/Treasurer
645 Surrey Lane, Unit 6
Burlington, Ontario
L7T 3S7

Email: info@canadianwarbowsociety.com