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Big Bay Big Bow Shoot Sept 12-13, 2015

Archers: Ben McMonagle, Margaret McMonagle, Jake Fenwick, Gerry Lee, Karl Malmstrom, Rob, Sean Woudstra, Graeme Fenwick (missing from photo)

Gerry Lee Jake Fenwick

Margaret McMonagle Margaret McMonagle

Margaret McMonagle wins Gerry Lee's Wand Shoot

Graeme Fenwick

Graeme Fenwick wins the Garland Shoot

Crunching the numbers - sadly, no records this time!

Loosing a volley from Esther's Bluff just for fun!



Big Bay Big Bow Shoot Sept 20, 2014

Archers: Gerry Lee, Sue Tate, Jake Fenwick and Karl Malmstrom


Warbows West had their first CWBS shoot on July 27 in Saskatchewan. Congratulations on your record-breaking shoot!

Archers: Grant Mitchell, Adam Beck, Mathieu Mercier, and Cameron Bergerman

Photo above by Linda Cimpric, photos below by Josh Wurst


The first official CWBS shoot held in Burlington, Ontario.

October 13-14, 2012

CWBS Members, left to right: Scott Spears, Jake Fenwick, Gerry Lee, Karl Malmstrom


CWBS members